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Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines

Format: All proposals submitted for this seed grant competition are required to follow the guidelines listed below: 

  • Title of Project

  • Abstract (500 words).

  • Identified Opportunities and Specific Aims (500 words).

  • Significance of the proposed innovation to the theme, Power, Privilege and Politics, and the enhancement of health equity (500 words).
  • Project plan
  1. Type of Innovation/Intervention: Please describe the format of your innovation (e.g. a product, a service, a process)
  2. Significance of the proposed innovation to the theme, Power, Privilege and Politics and enhancement of health equity. (500 words)
  3. Social Value Proposition: Please describe the social outcomes and benefits that are proposed to be generated through the social enterprise. (500 words)
  4. Population Value Proposition: Please describe the products and services of the social enterprise proposed that create value for specific population segments. (500 words)
  5. Impact Measures: Please describe how you will show that you are creating social impact. (500 words)
  6. Customer and Beneficiary segments: Please describe the different groups of people or organisations the social enterprise aims to reach and serve. (250 words)
  7. Channels: Please describe how the social enterprise will communicate with and reach its customer and beneficiary segments to deliver its value proposition. (250 words)
  8. Key Activities: Please describe the most important things that need to be done to make the social enterprise work.
  9. Key Resources: Please describe the most important assets and resources (physical, intellectual, human, financial) required to make the social enterprise work.
  10. Partners and Key Stakeholders: Please describe the network of partners and suppliers that make the enterprise work (CBOs, policy institutes, other partners, if any) (500 words for each, max).
  11. Qualifications of the project team:  Short bio of each team member outlining their skill sets relevant to this proposal (250 words for each, max). Please include qualifications of the community-based organisation serving as a partner/Co-PI.
  12. Viability Model: Please describe how the social enterprise will be viable in the long term (this can include a revenue model, if applicable) (500 words).
  13. Sustainability: Please describe your plan for sustainability of the social enterprise beyond the duration of the grant period.
  14. Scalability: Please describe how the social enterprise would scale profitably both locally and globally.

The ownership structure of the social enterprise resulting from the new team/existing social enterprise, if any, must be provided.

In addition to the seed grant application form (proposal), each application must include the following appendices:

  • Budget Justification, indicate the following categories in the budget for direct project costs:
    • Personnel Costs and Honoraria: The rate(s) of remuneration (including $/hr and total number of hours estimated) should be those normally paid by the host organization to similar categories of staff, including fringe benefits where applicable.
    • Supplies: The need for supplies should be explained and all amounts based on current actual costs (Please note that funds for supplies are not intended for the purchase of furniture or other office equipment).

    • Travel: Travel funds requested must be specifically required to carry out the project.

    • Knowledge Exchange Activities for all requests for knowledge translation and exchange activities (e.g. publications, pamphlets, presentations).
    • Other Expenses for all other expenses not covered above.

    • Documentation of other sources of support during the budget period (if applicable)

    • Letter(s) of support from community or policy stakeholders (if applicable)

    • References for articles cited in the proposal.

NOTE: Funds may not be used to support faculty salaries or to purchase computers, furniture or office equipment, core or existing program costs or catering costs.


Due Date: October 15, 2016 at 17:00

Notice of Award Date: November 30, 2016

Peer Review Process: Proposals will be distributed among members of a peer-review panel for their confidential peer review assessment after the submission deadline. Efforts will be made for decisions to be communicated to applicants by e-mail within six weeks with the intention of releasing funds as soon as possible after the success of the application has been confirmed as soon as all administrative issues have been addressed (and, where required, ethics approval has been completed).  
  • Please provide the name and contact information of 3 potential reviewers who are knowledgeable in the topic area of your seed grant proposal. The review committee may contact these external reviewers to aid in the review decision process. The reviewers should not be on the proposed project team (this would be a conflict of interest).  If you would like to suggest potential reviewer(s), provide their name, title and organization, email address, and telephone number. Please note that this is not a mandatory requirement.

Ethics Approval:  Whenever appropriate, evaluation efforts involving human participants must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Research Ethics or any other relevant institutional boards at the University of Toronto before the full balance of funds awarded can be released.  This will be determined on a case by case basis. The faculty member(s) involved in the project will be the key source of guidance regarding ethics review requirements.