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Assessment Criteria

Projects will be assessed by the selection jury (Healthy Generation Fund Review Committee) on the basis of the following attributes:

  • Relevance to one or more issues affecting the health equity levels and well-being of students, which are also highly prevalent in the community at large.

  • Project Plan (Desirability, feasibility and viability of the project)

  • Preparation and experience of the project team, and their ability to conduct the proposed project

  • Desired expected impact (i.e. the specific social changes that would occur if the innovation were successful)

Ethics Approval:  Whenever appropriate, evaluation efforts involving human participants must be reviewed and approved or waived by the Office of Research Ethics or any other relevant institutional boards at the University of Toronto before the full balance of funds awarded can be released.  This will be determined on a case-by-case basis. The faculty member(s) involved in the project will be the key source of guidance regarding ethics review requirements.
Peer Review Process: Proposals will be distributed among members of a peer-review panel for their confidential assessment after the submission deadline. Efforts will be made for decisions to be communicated to applicants by e-mail within six weeks with the intention of releasing funds as soon as possible after the success of the application has been confirmed and as soon as all administrative issues have been addressed (and, where required, ethics approval/waiver has been completed).