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Healthy Generation Fund


We are thrilled to announce the three winning proposals for the Healthy Generation Fund 2017:

1. Health-Bridge: Eliminating Language Discordance in Healthcare

2. Raising Mental Health Literacy among the Muslim Community

3. ConnectingMINDS: Enhancing the quality of life for youth and young adults with SMI as well as their caregivers through an online platform that enables community participation and social inclusion


We sincerely thank all applicants for applying to the Healthy Generation Fund and encourage you to continue to do so in subsequent rounds.


The Healthy Generation Fund is a new competition offered by the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation (IHPME) and the Institute for Global Health Equity & Innovation (IGHEI) which aims to attract proposals that inspire social innovations for improvement in equity in the healthcare system.  The innovations could include the creation of a new solution, process, product, tool, service, model or any other socially-oriented venture or the adaptation of an existing one, always benefitting the health and well-being of students, directly or indirectly.  For example, the social innovation could focus on one or more issues affecting the health equity levels and well-being of students, which are also highly prevalent in the community at large such as caregiving, complex chronic diseases, mental health challenges, food security.

The winning entries will receive:
          •A cash prize of $10,000, to serve as start up funds or to contribute to the creation, implementation or scaling up of the innovation. 

          •Mentorship from the selection jury (Healthy Generation Fund Review Committee) over the implementation  
          •A public lecture showcasing your innovation tool alongside a health systems thought leader.
          •An immersion student from University of Toronto International Health Program (UTIHP) for three months,
           who will be attached to the project, at no cost to the project. 
          •Program Evaluation support from appropriate IHPME teams. 

The call will be open to all UofT students, faculty and staff across all campuses, and community-based organizations.

Three winning entries will be selected every year, over the next 3 years.

For enquiries, contact:

For complete details on the call, click on the links:


The fund is generously supported by the Clerici Family.