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  • The budget of each project will not include salaries for faculty members, existing or core programs, computers, furniture or office equipment but can include direct costs of innovation such as those related to personnel and honoraria, supplies, travel, and other typical expenses related to the project. All funds requested must be allocated to fund project activities; no indirect costs will be allowed.

  • Each person in the project team should have a single primary distinct role in the team.

  • It is anticipated that projects will begin on September 4, 2017. The duration of funding is up to one year from the date of receipt of funding. If additional time is needed, a no cost extension will be considered upon review of a report that outlines progress and plans for completion.

  • Any requests for changes in the line items of the budget or redirection of funds will need to be reviewed and pre-approved by the Health Generation Fund Review Committee.

  • All funds will be managed, expended and accounted for according to the policies and procedures of the University of Toronto.