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Are you looking to submit documents for IGHEI's Seed Grant, a TAship opportunity, or apply for the Healthy Generation Fund?

If this is your first time visiting our site and would like to apply for an opportunity, or are a faculty member and would like to offer a TA opportunity? Then create an account and begin! You will be able to sign up for specific oppoprtunities after you have signed-in with your newly minted account and password. Creating an account is a breeze, and remember use an email address that you monitor frequently, we suggest using your email address.  Note, we won't be able to change this. 

Connecting is as easy as   

  • Are you registering for the first time? Then click the Sign-Up button, enter your info and you're done!
  • Are you a returning user? Enter your email address and password in the box to your right.
  • And...voíla you're done!